The Laboratory workers perform X-ray diffractometric investigations of solids (polycrystals, semi-amorphous substances, quasicrystals and fractal structures) on demands of scientists – executors of State research efforts and curriculums of departments. Sequence and schedule of investigation requests are approved by vice-rector for Research Affairs in accordance with feed of scientific supervisor and head of the Laboratory. The objects of investigations are:

  • Alloys in bulk and surface form samples.
  • Natural and built-up mixtures of inorganic/organic substances, minerals.
  • Individual chemical compounds (inorganic, intermetallic, organic, metal-organic).
  • Materials based on elementary substances and compounds in bulk or surface form, including composite alloys, nanocomposite systems.

In case of joint scientific investigations workers of the Laboratory carry out the consultations and render assistance on questions and methodology of:

  • profile analysis;
  • qualitative and quantitative X-ray phase analyses;
  • X-ray structural analysis (crystal structure solution, structural refinement by Rietveld method);
  • microstructural analysis of the phases (preferred orientation, strains and crystallite size);
  • short-range order determination.

The Laboratory workers participate in educational process by:

  • holding of laboratory and practical trainings;
  • giving a lecture courses on theory and practice of X-ray analysis;
  • carrying-out the precise X-ray investigations for diploma and course works of students, Ph.D. theses;
  • performance of scientific-educational seminars;
  • probation of research and educational staffs.