The main equipment of the Laboratory is the X-ray diffractometer facility “STOE Transmission Diffractometer System STADI P” (STOE AUTOMATED DIFFRACTOMETER FOR POWDER). The company “STOE & Cie GmbH” (Darmstadt, Germany), one of the oldest and world-well-known company in this production field, is a provider of Laboratory equipment. The facility has all necessary certificates and documents, and also has attestation for “The International Centre for Diffraction Data” (ICDD).
The following links present the documents and information about technical data and possibilities of the devices.

Official webpage of STOE STADI P – the description of the equipment, additional component parts (sample holders, detectors, etc.) on provider webpage.

Equipment specification – the characteristics of diffractometer alignment and calibration according to “The International Centre for Diffraction Data” (ICDD) standards.

Equipment description, specification and possibilities – presentation.

At present time the unit of equipment is standard: one horizontal goniometer (STOE transmission geometry), curved Ge (111) monochromator, linear PSD, sample holders “STOE Transmission Sample Holder” and “STOE Capillary Sample Holder”. It is planned to complete the equipment by second horizontal goniometer (Bragg-Brentano geometry) and by high-temperature attachment “STOE High Temperature Furnace model 0.65.1”.